Odontior 2.0 is a suite for the dental clinic.

As it is based on Joty 2.0, it is a multi-platform solution and it is either simply server based or web based.

It can work as Client/Server application or as reach internet application.

Then, a mobile flavor of the application is available for the use with the handset devices: Odontior Mobile 1.0. This accessory provides a subset of the features of the main application and integrates its usability along the web, with the availability of these features on portable devices, limited to the business area that is reasonably useful outside of the Dentist's surgery.

Just like the framework which is based on, Odontior 2.0 becomes an open source project distributed under the LGPL license.

A new conceptual model of the application fixes the main lacks of of the previous version: see more details here.